DrillionNet is a professionals funded software development service provider that offers design, programming, and consulting services to a wide range of industries and business areas. Through cooperation with the customer, DrillionNet carries out project from the idea and concept to comprehensive, sophisticated solution. Our mature management processes and right-shore strategy enables us to achieve high output quality, customer’s comfort, cost benefits, in-time and in-budget objectives, solution that meets all the requirements of the customer.

DrillionNet customer services include following:

  • Custom Software Development – implementation of a custom software project on contract order basis
  • Right Shore (integrated onshore and offshore) Center – long-term commitment to establish and operate managed a software engineering facility on the basis of DrillionNet that is tailored to a Client’s IT and business practices, methodologies, and culture
  • Specialized on Mobile Web 2.0, eCommercer, Oracle ERP and Fusion Middleware, and Network Security

For long-term cooperation DrillionNet offers both local and remote software development centers, software test centers, providing significant IT cost savings while delivering quality at world-class level.

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