Headquartered in Vancouver(Canada), DrillionNet has a professionally established Outsourcing strategy that mitigates clients’ primary concerns and risks in software development outsourcing related to increased management complexity, reduced effectiveness due to communication difficulties, cultural differences, uncertain financial payback, uncertain information confidentiality, willingness to adapt over time as dictated by changing client needs and business conditions.
DrillionNet is a successful software development company that have developed comprehensive approaches to project planning and decision making; have employed rigorous tools, methodologies and frameworks; have demanded excellent cross-functional and cross-company teamwork; and have implemented highly effective risk management, performance management, compliance and control techniques, and disciplines.


DrillionNet has over 4 years experience in offering offshore software development services for customers worldwide, including Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies. We use the best practices of worldwide software development technologies, therefore providing an extremely reliable end product and predictable high quality. DrillionNet custom software development services cover the complete project life cycle, from requirement assessment and task definition, to solution development, implementation and integration, followed by support and maintenance.


Software development processes and quality assurance systems in DrillionNet’s Development Centers are:

* Fully comply with ISO 9001:2000 standards
* Some Development Centers are certified against the requirements of SEI SW-CMM and SEI CMMI SW/SE up to Level 4

In order to ensure customer satisfaction by timely delivery of high quality products and services DrillionNet has established an ISO 9001:2000 certified Quality Management System which spans across the entire range of our management and delivery practices

Development Centers

A unified family of DrillionNet staffed Development Centers has been established throughout Eastern Europe. Each one is a dedicated, customized and secure software development facility aligned seamlessly with client environments. Regardless of location, structure or functional coverage, Development Centers offer a unified development environments with advanced infrastructure, resource management, processes and quality control.

Stable and Qualified Team

DrillionNet offers expertise that is unique. This expertise is the result of a substantial knowledge and skills base that has been acquired by our team over many years. Our people are leaders in a variety of areas. Whether it be re-engineering file formats, or developing specified applications on multiple platforms, our team can solve any challenge presented to them.
Continuing to develop this knowledge and skills base is a primary objective at DrillionNet. Using programs like educational allowances, lunchtime presentations, and mentoring, people at DrillionNet are encouraged to expand their own knowledge.

Reasonable Costs

Providing software development in Eastern Europe, flexibility in structuring operating models and contracts management, CMM and ISO certified software development and management processes, professionally established Outsourcing strategy – DrillionNet proposes reasonable costs of outsourcing solutions to current and potential clients.

IT infrastructure & Security

DrillionNet provides a solid infrastructure that encompasses a wide variety of security measures on various levels – to establish a unified and transparent development environment across all development centers and to ensure business continuity for our customers.
Our information management practices are aligned with the requirements of ISO 17799. IT infrastructure equipped with the latest software & hardware tools.

IP (Intellectual property) Protection

DrillionNet respects IP rights, takes the IP protection seriously and emphasizes on enforcing various IP protection methods. Among the specific steps taken by DrillionNet are:

* Signing of NDA with potential customers
* Signing of authorship waiver agreements
* All the information is surely protected by security infrastructure
* Each employee, upon being hired, undergoes an introductory course on IP rights and signs Contract which includes IP rights protection

Risk Management

DrillionNet is absolutely confident that risk assessment and risk management are important contributors to the success of an IT outsourcing venture. That’s why DrillionNet developed the outsource risk management framework that enables assessing and managing the risk associated to an IT outsourcing project.

DrillionNet uses project risk management model to develop strategies and tactics for assessing and managing project risks. This is a generic project risk management model, and DrillionNet applies it equally to outsourcing and to systems integration/systems project risk management.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our enhanced client engagement framework is an iterative and flexible roadmap and decision matrix to ease and guide the engagement process, and take the guesswork out of outsourcing.

Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business and to ensure that customers maximize the benefits of outsourcing software services in terms of cost, quality and capability to meet their strategic goals, without compromising on any of these factors; we focus all our processes to fit your needs and requirements, so that you feel comfortable and secure outsourcing work to an offsite team.

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