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Posted on 2009-11-15 Sunday by admin

Outsourcing Software Development

The intense competition in the IT industry made the following factors
extremely essential.
• cutting costs
• accelerating market delivery
• use of highly qualified personnel
• increasing quality of service

Offshore outsourcing
India is considered as one of the leaders of the offshore software development.
Besides, Ireland, Israel, China, Russia become the popular locations for
the IT outsourcing.

Onshore outsourcing
Several big brand companies and many small companies are outsourcing
providers, like IBM. This market is increasing continually.

Off-Shore Pros vs  Cons
• Gaining appropriate skill set from larger resource pool
• Reduction/control of costs
• Gaining access to world-class capabilities
• Lack of control over the outsourced resources
• Increased complexity of communication and management
• Excessive overhead of constant adjustment for requirement changes
• Uncertain financial payback

Right Shore > On-Shore + Off-Shore
• Our goal is to build long term business relationship with our clients
• We have well-experienced experts in both local and China team
• Our clients can gain combined management and technical expertise
that is second to none
• Our onshore management team will provide our clients the same
level of high quality consultation and project management that
would be expected of any local engineering team, but our offshore
development yields significant savings with equally robust technical
skill to those in local
• Our collaborative project management system guarantees efficient
communication and process

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